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Stone World (In Development)

Independent Study about Game Design, Spring 2022

For detailed weekly devlogs

Role: Game Designer & Programmer
Tags: Strategy, Tower Defense, Deck-Build, Roguelite
Time: Jan 2022 - Current, ~10 hours per week
Platform: Unity 3D

Team: 1
     Write GDD
     Make Prototype

System Design
Strategy Game

I am discovering ways to combine Tower Defense & Excitement of Randomness(including Fog of War, Rouguelite, Deck-Building, etc) in a form of a strategy game. Stone World is a project of my independent study during Spring 2022 at CMU ETC. My goal is to learn game system design and rapid prototyping as a technical game designer. Strategy Game is one of my favorite genres, I didn't have an opportunity to develop a strategy game before, so here it is!

Fog Of War System: The Excitement of Exploring Unknown



Planning the enemy's path by destroying rocks and setting blocks, along with the excitement of discovering unknown Treasures or Enemies inside the mist areas!

Play-Through with Area Fog of War

Play-Through with Whole Fog of War

Fog Of War System Hint System (ver_2022.04.28)


Fog Of War System Iteration: From Whole-FoW to Area-FoW



Update the Fog of War System to reduce the "uncertainty" to encourage players to plan the maze.

Build Directional Trap Demo (ver_2022.04.22)

PathFinding Demo (ver_2022.04.08)

Spike Trap Demo (ver_2022.03.18)

Trap Name: OnGround - AutoTriggered - Spike
Behavior: Triggered → Delayed → Do Damage → CD
Possible Add-On:
Delay Time ↑ & Damage ↓  → multiple weak enemies
Delay Time ↓ & Damage ↑ → single strong enemy
Possible Combo Traps:
On-Wall Slow | On-Wall Magnet | On-Ground Push
→ damage more enemies at once
Weak Against:
High-Speed Enemy

Level Generation using Matrix (ver_2022.02.25)

WeChat Screenshot_20220224195301.png

For map editing & future procedural generated level.

One Page Game Design Document (ver_2022.02.04)

WeChat Screenshot_20220225145228.png

Direction Inspiration & Exploration (ver_2022.01.28)

WeChat Screenshot_20220204170543.png
WeChat Screenshot_20220204170554.png
WeChat Screenshot_20220204170640.png
WeChat Screenshot_20220204171428.png
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