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Undergraduate Research In Computer Graphics:
Game Engine Design

Miami University, Spring 2019

       CSE 491 Undergraduate Research.

       Directed Study about Game Engine Design, advised by Professor Eric Bachmann. The objective of this project is to refine the starting codes of homework for the course CSE387 Game Engine Design to give future students a better start of studying this topic.

        The original game engine is made with C++, SDL, OpenGL, GLSL, Bullet Physics Engine, FMOD sound Engine, and Assimp.

According to Professor Eric Bachmann's requirement, I have completed the followings:

- Replaced the SDL with GLFW.
- Refined the multiple cameras' functionality.
- Added the functionality of bump mapping and normal mapping.
- Added the UI system with the AntTweakBar GUI library.
- Added the functionality of scene switching, including loading and unloading imported models.

Latest version of CSE 491

Bump Mapping

Texture Mapping

WeChat Image_20190409012533.png

Bump Mapping

Normal Mapping

The latest version of CSE 387.

The original version of CSE 491

Normal Mapping

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