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VR APP: Motion Test

Unity Developer, Research Assistant, Summer 2018

Miami University, Mechanical Engineering Department

Motion Test is a Virtual Reality application developed for the Mechanical Engineering Department at Miami University to experiment with human balance problems. The project was interviewed by the Miami University Alumni Association on the “Move in Miami 2018” Facebook Live.

This video was recorded at my home, uses the Samsung Odyssey headset instead of Oculus in the lab, which is not as accurate as presented in the lab.

Contains one trial of manipulating rotation and one trial of visual delay.

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The team was interviewed by the Miami University Alumni Association 

3:22 Professor Chagdes mentioned my contribution to the project as the only Computer Science student in the team.

7:50 Set the value of delay to 0.75 seconds.

8:18 - 9:53 Showcase with 0.75 seconds delay and no manipulation about rotation(1.0 scale).

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