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VR: Maho Shojo Simulation

Building Virtual World Round 3, CMU ETC, Fall 2021

Maho Shojo Simulation is a VR game using Vive Tracker, developed in 1 week.

Release the magic using the gesture!

Worked as a game designer, wrote the game design document for the team to track features.
Worked as a programmer focusing on making Vive Tracker works and gesture measurement.


Developed during the course Building Virtual World with 4 other members. 
2 programmers + 2artists  + 1 sound designer in total. My role in BVW: programmer.

If we had one more week:
#1: Give more feedback on casting spells: connected dots of the magic circle depending on the gesture checking progress. If fail -> reset the connected dots, to show the progress and make it more clear that the player should redo the gesture to try to re-cast the spell.
#2: Iterate the level, make the player easier to see there are other monsters from other directions.
#3: The spawn of the monsters should be more smooth with VFX.
#4: Hit sound of magic.
#5: More gestures that players need to cast.
#6: Thinking about the usage of randomness to make sure every spell will be cast at least once or in a fair-percentage amount of cast.

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